Sample Ballots

If you know your precinct and party, you can use the table below to go directly to your sample ballot in English or Spanish.

If you do not know your precinct and/or party, use the form to look up your record. Once your voter information appears, just scroll down to the Future Elections box and click on Sample Ballot in the top left corner of that box.

A complete list of sample ballots in English and Spanish appears in the table below. Click on the appropriate link to go directly to your sample ballot.

  English Español
Precinct 111-sp
Precinct 333-sp
Precinct 555-sp
Precinct 666-sp
Precinct 777-sp
Precinct 111111-sp
Precinct 141414-sp
Precinct 15 City of Pensacola15P15P-sp
Precinct 1515E15E-sp
Precinct 181818-sp
Precinct 191919-sp
Precinct 212121-sp
Precinct 2222E22E-sp
Precinct 22 Town of Century22C22C-sp
Precinct 232323-sp
Precinct 242424-sp
Precinct 252525-sp
Precinct 262626-sp
Precinct 282828-sp
Precinct 292929-sp
Precinct 303030-sp
Precinct 313131-sp
Precinct 323232-sp
Precinct 333333-sp
Precinct 343434-sp
Precinct 353535-sp
Precinct 363636-sp
Precinct 383838-sp
Precinct 404040-sp
Precinct 414141-sp
Precinct 424242-sp
Precinct 434343-sp
Precinct 464646-sp
Precinct 474747-sp
Precinct 484848-sp
Precinct 494949-sp
Precinct 505050-sp
Precinct 515151-sp
Precinct 545454-sp
Precinct 555555-sp
Precinct 565656-sp
Precinct 585858-sp
Precinct 606060-sp
Precinct 616161-sp
Precinct 626262-sp
Precinct 636363-sp
Precinct 646464-sp
Precinct 676767-sp
Precinct 686868-sp
Precinct 696969-sp
Precinct 707070-sp
Precinct 717171-sp
Precinct 72 District 3723723-sp
Precinct 72 District 4724724-sp
Precinct 737373-sp
Precinct 747474-sp
Precinct 757575-sp
Precinct 777777-sp
Precinct 808080-sp
Precinct 828282-sp
Precinct 838383-sp
Precinct 868686-sp
Precinct 888888-sp
Precinct 909090-sp
Precinct 919191-sp
Precinct 949494-sp
Precinct 959595-sp
Precinct 979797-sp
Precinct 989898-sp
Precinct 999999-sp
Precinct 101101101-sp
Precinct 102102102-sp
Precinct 103103103-sp
Precinct 104104104-sp
Precinct 105105105-sp
Precinct 106106106-sp
Precinct 107107107-sp
Precinct 108108108-sp
Precinct 110 House District 111011101-sp
Precinct 110 House District 211021102-sp
Precinct 111111111-sp
Precinct 112112112-sp
Precinct 113113113-sp
  • 21

    Days Til General Election
  • 6

    Days Til Early Voting Begins
  • 18

    Days Til Early Voting Ends
  • 15

    Days To Request a Mail Ballot