What’s On My Ballot?

2018 Elections

Sample ballots, which are exact images of the ballot you will vote in the election, are made available approximately 30 days prior to the election. All voters are mailed a sample ballot prior to the start of early voting.

If sample ballots are not yet available, you can see a listing of candidates and of all contests that are up for election this year below:

Often, ballots will include referenda on constitutional amendments and/or local issues. Your sample ballot will include any referendum on which you are eligible to vote.

Information on proposed constitutional amendments can be accessed below:

For a list of current officeholders representing Escambia County, access the link below:

Note: Not all contests will ultimately appear on your ballot. In a primary election, certain partisan contests are available only to voters registered in those political parties. Other candidates may run unopposed, and will not appear on the ballot. Some contests are in districts outside of your district, and will not appear on your ballot. Some contests will appear on the primary ballot, others on the general election ballot.

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