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Voter Registration in Escambia County
as of 10/31/2017

Affiliation Voters
Republican 92,598
Democrat 70,338
No Party Affiliation 41,478
Minor Parties 1,138
Total 205,552  

Our Mission:

"To ensure all qualified citizens are free to exercise their fundamental right to vote in open, impartial and secure elections."

Address Card Response Form

Yellow Card: Address Change Notice

Green Card: Address Confirmation Final Notice

White Card: Address Confirmation Request

You may use these online forms to respond to an Address Confirmation Request, an Address Change Notice, or an Address Confirmation Final Notice from our office. These notices are sent as part of our statutorily required address list maintenance activities. Please select the form on the right to respond to the notice we sent you.

Please Stop and Read:

If you no longer claim Florida as your state of legal residence for voting purposes, please STOP HERE. You will need to complete and return the printed card to our office. Be sure to mark the check box for canceling your Florida Voter Registration and sign the form.

Note: If you use the online form, you DO NOT need to mail the printed form back to our office, unless you are canceling your registration.