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Voter Registration in Escambia County
as of 07/31/2017

Affiliation Voters
Republican 92,411
Democrat 70,356
No Party Affiliation 41,015
Minor Parties 951
Total 204,733  

Our Mission:

"To ensure all qualified citizens are free to exercise their fundamental right to vote in open, impartial and secure elections."

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News & Notes

News Release - Notice of Minor Party Changes to Registrants

We recently received notice from the Florida Division of Elections that the registration status of the Independence Party of Florida (IDP) has been cancelled. As a result, we are required to change the party affiliation of any voter registered in the Independence Party of Florida (IDP) to No Party Affiliation (NPA). New voter information cards reflecting the change are being mailed to all impacted voters, along with a list of active political parties and a Florida Voter Registration Application.

Voters whose party affiliation has been impacted may remain registered as No Party Affiliation, or may choose to register with one of the ten political parties currently active and recognized by the Division of Elections, a list of which can be accessed here or at A party change can be made using a Florida Voter Registration Application or by submitting a signed, written notice to a voter registration official.

The Florida Division of Elections also notified us that the application status of the Independent Party of Florida (IND) has been approved and is now an active minor political party in Florida.

Published on: April 21st, 2017 00:00 - Permalink